SEMAFO Foundation

Founded in 2008, the SEMAFO Foundation is a registered charity in Canada focused on Burkina Faso. Following Endeavour’s acquisition of SEMAFO in July 2020, the SEMAFO mines have incorporated into the Endeavour’s portfolio.

The Foundation’s mission is to alleviate poverty and offer an improved quality of life, by helping communities in Burkina Faso become self-sufficient through sustainable development projects aligned with the health, education and agriculture needs of their villages.

The Foundation hopes to influence change through its actions and investments in these sustainable development projects. 

To achieve its mission, the SEMAFO Foundation commits itself to:

  • Ensuring collective leadership by promoting both local values and the creation of local partnerships with the aim of meeting the needs of the communities and their individual members.
  • Becoming an efficient champion by acting as a spokesperson for communities that need help, to ensure a good quality of life for today and tomorrow.
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