Reserves and Resources

Endeavour Mining Mineral Reserves and Mineral Resources as at December 31, 2019, on a 100% basis, unless otherwise stated

Group Consolidated

(Au g/t)
(Au koz)
Proven Reserves 20.9  1.52  1,017 
Probable Reserves 111.1  1.92  6,868 
P&P Reserves 131.9  1.86  7,885 
Measured Resource (incl. reserves) 23.3  2.34  1,755 
Indicated Resources (incl. reserves) 215.9  1.87  12,985 
M&I Resources (incl. reserves) 239.3  1.92  14,750 
Inferred Resources 44.1  1.61  2,280 

ITY MINE (85% owned except 100% owned Le Plaque area)

(Au g/t)
(Au koz)
Proven Reserves 9.4  1.05  318
Probable Reserves 52.7 1.672,825 
P&P Reserves 62.1  1.57  3,144 
Measured Resource (incl. reserves) 10.3  1.02  337 
Indicated Resources (incl. reserves) 68.1  1.61  3,514 
M&I Resources (incl. reserves) 78.4  1.53 3,851 
Inferred Resources 18.0  1.35  780 

HOUNDE MINE (90% owned)

(Au g/t)
(Au koz)
Proven Reserves 1.8  1.57 89 
Probable Reserves 30.9  2.09  2,075 
P&P Reserves 32.6  2.06  2,164 
Measured Resource (incl. reserves) 1.7  1.75  96 
Indicated Resources (incl. reserves) 58.6  2.01 3,797 
M&I Resources (incl. reserves) 60.4  2.01  3,893 
Inferred Resources 6.9  2.07  456 

AGBAOU MINE (85% owned)

(Au g/t)
(Au koz)
Proven Reserves 1.5  0.71  34 
Probable Reserves 4.8  1.86  286 
P&P Reserves 6.3  1.58  321 
Measured Resource (incl. reserves) 1.5  0.76 38 
Indicated Resources (incl. reserves) 6.0  2.49  481 
M&I Resources (incl. reserves) 7.6 2.14 519 
Inferred Resources 0.7 1.59  37 

KARMA MINE (90% owned)

(Au g/t)
(Au koz)
Proven Reserves 3.1  0.85  84 
Probable Reserves 6.1  1.06  209 
P&P Reserves 9.2  0.99 293 
Measured Resource (incl. reserves) 0.3  0.38 
Indicated Resources (incl. reserves) 52.3  1.21  2,038 
M&I Resources (incl. reserves) 52.6  1.21  2,042 
Inferred Resources 15.7  1.35  681 

KALANA (80% owned)

(Au g/t)
(Au koz)
Proven Reserves 5.1  3.00  492 
Probable Reserves 16.6  2.76  1,472 
P&P Reserves 21.7  2.81  1,964 
Measured Resource (incl. reserves) 9.5  4.19  1,280 
Indicated Resources (incl. reserves) 16.3  3.74  1,964 
M&I Resources (incl. reserves) 25.8  3.92  3,254 
Inferred Resources 1.9  4.41  265 

FETEKRO (65% owned)

(Au g/t)
(Au koz)
Proven Reserves
Probable Reserves
P&P Reserves
Measured Resource (incl. reserves)
Indicated Resources (incl. reserves) 14.6 2.54 1,190 
M&I Resources (incl. reserves) 14.6  2.54  1,190 
Inferred Resources 0.9 2.17 60 

The mineral reserves and resources were estimated as at December 31, 2019 in accordance with the provisions adopted by the Canadian Institute of Mining Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM) and incorporated into the NI 43-101. The Qualified Persons responsible for the mineral reserve and resource estimates are detailed in the following tables.    


The Qualified Persons listed below are independent of Endeavour, except Salih Ramazan and Kevin Harris.

Kevin Harris, CPG
Vice President, Resources, Endeavour
Colline Sud, Le Plaque (Ity); Bouéré Dohoun, Kari Pump, Kari West, Kari Center (Houndé)
Mark Zammit, MAIG
Principal, Cube Consulting Pty Ltd
Ity (except Colline Sud and Le Plaque); Vindaloo‐Madras (Houndé)



Salih Ramazan, MAusIMMVice President – Mine Planning, Endeavour Mining
Ity and Houndé


1.     The mineral resources and reserves have been estimated and reported in accordance with Canadian National Instrument 43-101, 'Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects' and the Definition Standards adopted by CIM Council in May 2014.

2.     Mineral resources that are not mineral reserves do not have demonstrated economic viability.

3.     All Mineral Resources are reported inclusive of Mineral Reserves.

4.     Tonnages are rounded to the nearest 100,000 tonnes; gold grades are rounded to two decimal place; ounces are rounded to the nearest 1,000oz. Rounding may result in apparent summation differences between tonnes, grade and contained metal.

5.     Tonnes and grade measurements are in metric units; contained gold is in troy ounces.

6.     Processing recoveries vary at each pit by many factors including material types, mineralogy and chemistry of the ore. The overall average recoveries are around 81% at Ity and Karma, 90% at Hounde and Agbaou.

7.     The reporting of Mineral Reserves and Resources are based on a gold price as detailed below:


Reserves Au Price1,3001,2001,3001,3501,300n.a
Resources Au Price1,5001,4001,5001,5001,5001,500

1 Cut-off grades for all resources open pits are 0.5g/tAu, except at Kalana where the cut-off grade is at 0.9g/tAu and at Karma where the cut-off grade is defined by material type: Oxide=0.2, Transition=0.2 and Sulfide=0.5
Cut-off grades for reserves except for Kalana vary between 0.3-0.5g/t for Oxide ore, 0.3-0.8g/t for Transition ore, 0.3-0.7g/t for Sulfide ore.
Cut-off grade for Kalana pits reserve is 0.9g/t.


2 Kao, GG2, and Rambo have a gold price of $1,557/oz. Gold price for Kao Main and Rambo West reserves is $1,350/oz.


8.    The Kalana Main deposit Mineral Resource is stated as per that published by Avnel, which forms the basis on which the stated Mineral Reserves were estimated.
In March 2019, Endeavour published an updated Mineral Resource Estimate for the Kalana Main deposit. The comparison between the Avnel MRE and the Endeavour MRE is demonstrated in the below:

(on a 100% basis)



Cut-off grade (g/t Au)


(For comparative purpose)


Tonnage (Mt)




Grade (g/t Au)




Content (Au Koz)




The 2019 Kalana Main geological model was prepared by Helen Oliver.  Ms Oliver FGS, CGeol is Endeavour Mining's Group Resource Geologist and a Qualified Person as defined by NI 43-101. The 2019 Kalana Main Resource Estimate was prepared by Geoff Booth, FAusIMM, Mining Consulting Manager for Snowden Mining Industry Consultants Pty Ltd and a Qualified Person as defined by NI 43-101.

The Kalana Main MRE is constrained within a $1,500/oz gold Whittle pit shell as a limit of economic extraction, defined using the following parameters (all costs are in US dollars):

  • Slope angles – Oxide 32°, Transition 45°, Fresh 54°
  • Au recovery – Oxide 96.2%, Transition – 88.5%, Fresh – 89%
  • Gold price = $1,500/oz
  • Mining cost (Oxide base cost at 380 mRL) = Bulk $1.97/t, semi-selective $2.06/t, selective $2.34/t
  • Mining cost (Transition base cost at 380 mRL) = Bulk $1.79/t, semi-selective $1.98/t, selective $2.18/t
  • Mining cost (Fresh base cost at 380 mRL) = Bulk $2.41/t, semi-selective $3.08/t, selective $3.37/t
  • Mining cost (depth cost below 380 mRL) = 0.005/t/m
  • Processing cost – Oxide $16.64/t, Transition $20.37/t, Fresh $21.40/t
  • Selling cost - $58/oz

The scientific and technical information relating to the Agbaou mine, Ity mine, Karma mine, Houndé mine and Kalana Project contained in this document has been derived from or based on the following technical reports. Copies of the reports are available electronically on SEDAR at under the Corporation's profile. The Kalana report is available under the Avnel Gold Mining profile on SEDAR.  

  • Agbaou mine: "Technical Report, Mineral Resource and Reserve Update for the Agbaou Gold Mine, Côte d'Ivoire, West Africa" dated effective December 31, 2014.
  • Ity mine: "Ity CIL Project National Instrument 43-101 Technical Report", dated December 9, 2016.
  • Ity mine: Reserves and Resources were updated in 2017 after the completion of a Project Optimization Study. The results were published in the September 20, 2017 press release available on the company's website.
  • Karma mine: “Technical Report on an updated Feasibility Study and a Preliminary Economic Assessment for the Karma Gold Project, Burkina Faso, West Africa” dated effective August 10, 2014.
  • Houndé mine: "Houndé Gold Project, Burkina Faso, Feasibility Study NI 43-101 Technical Report", dated effective October 31, 2013.
  • Houndé mine: Reserves were updated in 2015 by Orelogy "Cost review and Reserve update study", dated February 2015. Endeavour News Release February 19, 2015.
  • Kalana Project: "NI 43-101 Technical Report on Kalana Main Project", dated effective March 30, 2016.