We believe that investing in exploration is fundamental to creating long-term value and sustainable operations

We are strategically positioned to unlock exploration value with an experienced team in place and one of West-Africa’s largest and most promising exploration portfolios. Our exploration strategy is based on methodically screening and ranking targets within our portfolio and then maintaining a 5-year exploration program based on priorities. Our aggressive exploration program aims to discover 10-15Moz of gold over the next 5 years, which represents more than twice the reserve depletion, to increase mine lives to above 10 years.

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Amongst Largest & Most Promising Portfolios in West Africa


Methodic Method to Rank Potential and Establish Long-Term Exploration Strategy

Our portfolio includes 42 exploration licenses covering 7,190km2 with over 200 identified targets. A first filtering narrows down the targets to the 40 most promising based on reviewing all available data and ascribing a mean potential size and grade. A mean risked resource objective is then established for each of the 40 most promising targets by applying a Probability of Occurrence (ranging from 0.4 to 1), based on geological confidence and available data. We then establish an exploration budget required per target to reach Indicated resource level status. Lastly, we then apply strategic prioritization to establish a 5-year exploration program.

Experienced exploration team in place to execute on ambitious strategy

Endeavour has an experienced exploration team that is very familiar with West African geology and possesses extensive experience working with West African gold deposits. The senior staff previously served in many high-levels positions at BRGM, Randgold, IAMGOLD, Areva, La Mancha. The team currently consists of 20 senior geologists, 7 exploration managers, 40 junior geologists as well as 130 technicians and support staff.

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